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Through Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies Programs, our clients have transformed into happier, healthier, more mindful versions of themselves… We’re very proud of their achievements.

Jo weight loss success Before and After

Before and After


I’m a scientist and I wasn’t 100% sure if this was going to work. I’ve now lost 15kg after 16 weeks… I’m more focused at work, happier and I taste and enjoy food now. The biggest change was learning to be a ‘mindful’ eater and how to let go of stress; stress had previously led to me eating lots of junk food. (After one week) I noticed I didn’t bring junk food to work – I’m now satisfied when I eat it.” .
Andre weight losd success Before and After

Before and After


“One of the exercises was to learn the ‘positive intention of the current habit’. Ever since I was a kid I vacuumed my food down… I realised this habit started early on: I would eat quickly so I could get back to play – I didn’t want to miss out. By knowing this, I’ve created new habits, so I’m eating healthily. My wife is happier too, as this has also changed the way I spend money and make decisions!”


I went to buy a pair of pants. I went to try on my normal size and it practically fell off. The next size wasn’t available and I thought there was no way I would fit 2 dress sizes down. I tried it on and it fit! All this while I’ve had stresses that would normally lead to me eating packets of chips, several blocks of chocolate.


“In eleven weeks I lost 9.5kg and I wasn’t dieting. One of the the things I noticed is my destructive behaviours around food have stopped. My bingeing and my crazy eating has stopped.”


“I don’t beat myself up anymore, I’m more positive. I look at things differently – everything looks better, feels different. The Program exceeded my expectations – it was self-improvement; you have it for the rest of your life. I learned techniques to be aware of what was going on around me, and how to combat them…And I enjoy work more – I let go of the stress caused by others.

The Program helped me realise it’s not the weight issue that’s the problem; you’re looking for the cause of it. The most useful technique is the recordings, and I listen to them to help me sleep better.”


“I was always very critical of myself. I was always on a diet… If I got up and I had eaten too much the night before, straight away I was on a downer of a day; a downward slope. I don’t think about diets now! Rather than watching from the sidelines I’m now in the swimming pool enjoying playing with my kids. I also used the techniques I learned to complete the Wanaka marathon. ”


“It’s so simple. Previously I had woken up every day thinking of food. We ended up with leftovers – we never used to… I even took them to work to share them – I never would have done that before.”


I don’t feel deprived at all… And my clothes are looser. After a couple of weeks, I went for a coffee with a friend. She pointed out I only ordered coffee, no cake (I always used to have a sweet). I hadn’t even realised it until she pointed it out.”