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Weight Management Programs

Your mindset is the key

90% of diets fail! Healthy Minds Programs give you the freedom to enjoy food without diets and guilt trips. Our techniques are a fresh, sustainable approach to weight management… And they work! They’ll lead to eating less, feeling more satisfied and often, being more active – not because you ‘should’, but because you choose to.

Quick, Simple Techniques

Small changes can make a big difference. After just one week, you’ll be thinking about food less and eating mindfully. Our Audio recordings and Program Booklet help reinforce the techniques you’re learning and positive changes you’re making. Your weight loss goals and reasons for being here are unique to you – choose the Healthy Minds Program which best suits you and your lifestyle:


8-Week Program

Gain the skills for permanent weight success. Each week introduces new techniques while building on all your positive changes. Includes an individual session and follow up support.

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Virtual Gastric Band

An individualised program developed by Shelia Granger, United Kingdom with 95% success rates. It allows you to have all the success of having a gastric band without dieting and surgery.

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1:1 Sessions

Gain the skills for permanent and sustainable weight success through individual sessions. 12 sessions are tailored to meet your needs over a year period.

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Online Program

The online training course allows you to get started straight away. With access to video demonstrations of techniques, you can easily achieve permanent weight loss wherever you are.

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Group & Workplace Presentations

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies Directors, Rebecca Cragnolini and Imelda Curtin, are also available for presentations to groups; providing quick mindset techniques to decrease stress, increase energy and enhance general wellbeing. Contact us to find out more.

Make your mind your best friend…. As a brief example, try this exercise:

  • Close your eyes and say to yourself: “I should eat less and be satisfied”. Notice where you feel this in your body… Then open your eyes.
  • Now close your eyes and say to yourself: “I could eat less and be satisfied”. Notice where you feel this in your body now… Then open your eyes.
  • Finally, say to yourself: “I choose to eat less and be satisfied”. Where do you feel this in your body?
Research shows the way we talk to ourselves makes a difference in sustaining weight loss. Your Healthy Minds Program will give you simple techniques to incorporate in your own unique way.