Goodbye stress eating & guilt trips with Healthy Minds!

We believe everyone can achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Small changes will make a big difference…… Your mind is the key to making positive, sustainable changes. It’s easier and faster than you may think, and we’ll help you get there.

Rebecca Cragnolini & Imelda Curtin – Directors Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies

90% of diets don’t work.
We know that from experience! For years we both struggled with losing weight; trying diets and weight loss courses destined to fail long-term. We took what we learned, researched the latest evidence on what works and what doesn’t, then founded ‘Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies’. We provide a fresh approach to losing weight; without diets and guilt trips.

Our Team

Rebecca Healthy Minds Before and After

Rebecca Cragnolini

As a health professional (Occupational Therapist) I knew I should be in control of my weight but for years I felt depressed at the reflection in the mirror. Every time I started a new diet I said to myself “This time I’ll really do it.” But deep down I knew it wasn’t really going to happen….. I felt I was a fat person and that was the way it was going to stay. Life was great in many ways but my weight was always hanging over me; like a grey cloud ruining even fun times. I was literally being weighed down. Fast-forward a few years and life is even better than I could have imagined. My weight now reflects all the confidence, energy, sense of control, positive beliefs and identity I have within me. All because of finally studying and addressing the part my mind plays in addressing weight.

Imelda Healthy Minds Before and After

Imelda Curtin

I struggled with my weight for most of my adult life and tried countless diets. Some diets worked, but when I stopped I was back where I started or had gained a few kilos and felt even more of a failure. If I went out for a meal I’d order what was ‘allowed’, but not enjoy it, and feel deprived. Sometimes I’d blow the diet because I’d ‘start again tomorrow.’ It became a vicious cycle in which I had clothing from size 10 to 26. I studied psychology, worked as a counsellor and was even a leader of a slimming club. I was looking for an answer and I found it: understanding the importance of the mind. This has given me the most freedom. Food is now only on my mind when I’m sitting down to eat. I’ll ask myself: “How hungry am I? What do I really want to eat?” I truly enjoy what I eat and often don’t finish what’s on my plate.